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August 21, 2021

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I created my first site on a free web hosting provider in the end-days of 1998. That’s why you can see the Copyright date starts from 1998 onwards. My site has gone though a lot of ups and downs like a normal human’s life-cycle and also it has gone under the knife(I meant re-designs)innumerable times and it will always be evolving daily…

What’s this site is about ?

Let me repeat one thing, nowadays, the bulk of my time is played out with MotiveSense, so all the Business, Growth Hacking, WordPress articles will appear at MotiveSense Blog than here.

So, I would be sharing the lighter + tech side of my life only like Personal Computing, Motivational stuffs, blah, blah 😀

My Mission:

To educate, enlighten and serve:

  • Business Owners and
  • Professionals

…and to solve real world problems and thereby increasing the quality of life (QOL).

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