Welcome to my Official Site which is also serving as my Online Journal since 1998. I’m having eclectic tastes with interests ranging from Technology, Business Management, Marketing, modern-day Politics, Personal Finance, Contemporary Philosophy, Personal Productivity etc.

In the days to come you will find more posts and information related with Business, Tech Development & Implementation, Social Media,  Digital Marketing and WordPress in general since these are the areas which I’m spending the bulk of my time and energy.

The bottom line is that this is a personal blog and it will always remain as so. But like every site you will find lots of useful and useless stuff.

Why the name “Dungeon” ?

First of all let me give you the dictionary definition of the word:

Dungeon – “The main tower within the walls of a medieval castle or fortress.

Although there are other meanings like prison cell/underground cell, I don’t want to delve into those. For me, the word is a castle of my thoughts and aspirations. No other bad emotions are attached to that word.

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