Why you should think Local before going Global ?

There were three tailors doing business on Tailor’s Street, in a far, far away city.

One of them, trying to get more customers to his shop, painted a big sign outside,

Here is the best tailor in town.

Clients crowded to his door for the next two weeks. Seeing that, the second tailor
down the street, painted another sign himself, stating:

Here is the best tailor in the world! 

So, for the next two weeks, all the clients moved from the first shop to his, making
him busy and happy…

Seeing all his neighbors drifting from one of his competitors to the other, the third
tailor wrote his own sign, getting all the customers only to himself further on:

Here is the best tailor on this street!


Moral of the story: You should be having self awareness (about your business) and also think local first!

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