Business potential in India – Why India is one of the best places in the world to do business

The first step before creating any product is to find where your market is ? Watch the video to find out about the Business potential in India and explore why India is one of the best places in the world to market your product ?

I’m not promising you that you will gather all the information about the Indian market by just watching this video, but you will get a top-of-the layer idea..

India is simply an unexploited and virgin market!

How to do nothing and still save yourselves ?

Thought of posting some management lessons for some kick..Will be posting more in the coming weeks…So stay tuned…

Lesson 1:

A crow was sitting on a tree, doing nothing all day.

A small rabbit saw the crow, and asked him, "Can I also sit like you and do nothing all day long?"

The crow answered: "Sure, why not." So the rabbit sat on the ground below the crow, and rested. All of a sudden, a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it.

Management Lesson: To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high up.

10 Awesome Companies Built by Teens

The entrepreneurial spirit starts early for many teenagers, but for most things like high school, college and social lives overpower the urge to start a business.

But not every teenager.

Occasionally there are a few really driven youngsters who actually create successful companies before they are old enough to vote, buy alcohol, or even drive. Here are ten inspirational stories of some incredibly successful young entrepreneurs, who all started their empires in their teens.

1. Fred De Luca

In 1965 Fred De Luca borrowed just $1,000 to start the now-famous Subway sandwich restaurant. Fred was only 17 years old when he decided to be an entrepreneur, and he started the restaurant as a way to earn money for college. Since opening the first shop in Boston, the chain now has 32,401 locations and makes over $9 billion in sales yearly. Fred and his co-founder Peter Buck have also founded Franchise Brands, a resource to help franchisors and entrepreneurs grow their brands.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg created the software that would eventually become the popular social networking site Facebook while he was at Harvard. He launched the site from his dorm room, and since that day has become the youngest self-made businessman who is worth more than a billion dollars. Zuckerberg dropped out of college and became the CEO of the fastest-growing site on the Internet. Facebook has since recorded over 400 million users and is now one of the most successful websites ever built.

3. Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg is another software developer who found success at a very early age. When Matt was 19, he announced that he would be starting an open source initiative for better blogging software and started WordPress. Since then the software programmer started Automattic, which has two flagship products Akismet, a trap for site comment spam, and, the hosted version of the open source WordPress software. Since founding Automattic, the company has raised over $30 million dollars and owns some of the most popular software on the Web.

4. Anand Lal Shimpi

Anand Lal Shimpi started AnandTech in 1997, when he was only 14 years old. The original AnandTech website was hosted on a GeoCities platform. What started as a simple hobby grew into one of the world’s largest websites covering computer hardware. The AnandTech forums is one of the best places to get computer advice and find tech bargains.

5. Carl Churchill

By 2020, Carl Churchill is expected to be worth $100 million. Carl founded DMC Internet in 2001 at the age of 15, and since has built an empire on helping businesses with their Internet presence. Churchill’s company offers anything from wireless broadband to server security for businesses, and from its launch grew exponentially. So much so that in 2003 Churchill was listed in the Royal Bank of Scotland’s "Rich List" of under 21s who would be millionaires.

6. Farrah Gray

Farrah Gray was a successful businessman before he reached his teens, and his success story is so bizarre that it’s almost impossible to believe. When he was 10 Gray formed a club that raised $15,000 for financing a lemonade stand, by 12 he had started a venture capital firm that raised $1 million from investors to help teenagers start their own business. Before he was 16 he had started business ventures that include pre-paid phone cards, One Stop Mailboxes & More franchises and The Teenscope "Youth AM/FM" interactive talk show. He became executive producer of a comedy show on the Las Vegas Strip, and was the owner of a food company that had orders exceeding $1.5 million.

Gray has since become a best-selling author. In 2005 his book Reallionaire was an international bestseller, and was even endorsed by Bill Clinton. Gray has written many books since then, including co-authoring Chicken Soup for the African-American Soul. But aside from all his success, Gray started his own non-profit Farrah Gray Foundation, which gives grants and scholarships to inner-city and students with at-risk backgrounds. And he’s done all this well before his thirtieth birthday.

7. Romero Bryan

Romero Bryan started designing clothes at the age of 12, and his own clothing line has taken off like a rocket. He’s dressed some of the most popular people on the planet including Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Cameron Diaz, and Alicia Keys. Romero’s empire is expected to earn him over 30 million pounds by 2020.

8. Kristopher Tate

Kristopher Tate is a kind of programming wunderkind. Tate started working with HTML at age 4, before most kids have started reading. He started the photo-sharing site Zooomr at age 17 as a competitor to Flickr. Since then the company has grown into one of the top photo-sharing services on the Web. He has since moved the site’s headquarters to Japan, and is involved in creating Japan’s first society-based community site.

9. Jason O’Neill

Jason O’Neill has probably the most successful business created by someone under 10. At the age of 9, Jason started making Pencil Bugs, colorful pencil toppers in the shape of bugs. Aside from his business, Jason’s been featured on many major network shows, not only for his young entrepreneurship, but also for his philanthropic efforts. He’s donated money for foster children, and has sent his pencils to schoolchildren in Africa.

10. Fraser Doherty

While most successful young entrepreneurs make their money building popular websites, Fraser Doherty built his empire using a more traditional way. Fraser started making jams at the age of 14 in Scotland, and by 16 left school to work on his jam business SuperJam full-time. SuperJam sells around 500,000 jars a year, which currently has around 10% of UK jam market.


Entrepreneurship – What’s Age got to do with it?

Is there any correlation between Entrepreneurship and Age? What is the ideal age to start a venture and scale to a billion dollar enterprise?

Early Executors

Age 17: Ingvar Kampard (1943) started IKEA

Age 18: Ted Waitt (1985) started Gateway

Age 19: Michael Dell (1983) started Dell; Joyce Hall (1910) started Hallmark Cards

Age 20: Mark Zuckerberg (2004 ) started Facebook

Age 21: Bill Gates (1976 ) started Microsoft; Steve Jobs (1976) started Apple

Age 22: Walt Disney (1923) started Disney, Richard Branson (1972) started Virgin

Age 23: Vishal Gondar (1999) started India Games

Age 24: Karsanbhai Patel (1969) started Nirma

Age 25: Larry Page (1998) started Google; Kiran Mazumdar(1978) started Biocon

Age 26: Uday Kotak (1985) started Kotak Mahindra; Phil Knight (1964) started Nike

Age 27: Jerry Yang (1995) started Yahoo; Sam Walton (1945) started Wal-Mart

Age 28: Pierre Omidyar (1995) started eBay; Ralph Lauren (1967) started Polo

Age 29 : Rajendra Pawar (1981) started NIIT;, Nolan Bushnell (1972) started Atari

Age 30: Jeff Bezos (1994 ) started Amazon

Age 31 : Shiv Nadar (1976) started HCL; Ramesh Chandra (1972) started Unitech

Age 32 : Oprah Winfrey (1986) started Oprah; Ross Perot (1962) started EDS

Age 33 : Warren Buffet (1963) started Berkshire; Larry Ellison (1977) started Oracle

Late Bloomers

Age 34: Charles Schwab(1971) started Schwab; S. Shetty(1993) started AllCargo

Age 35: NR Murthy (1981) started Infosys; March Benioff (1999) started Sales Force

Age 36: Dhirubhai Ambani (1958) started Reliance

Age 37: J Mckinsey(1926) started Mckinsey; Dave Thomas(1969) started Wendy

Age 38: Jim Clark (1982) started SGI

Age 39: M. Bloomberg (1981) started Bloomberg; Gorden Moore (1968) started Intel

Age 40: Martin Sorell(1985) started WPP;George Soros(1970) started Quantum Fund

Age 41 : Raman Roy ( 2000) Spectramind; Thomas Siebel (1993) started Siebel

Age 42 : Ajit Balakrishnan(1995) started Rediff;Reed Hastings(1997) started Netflix

Age 43 : Richard Egan(1979) started EMC; Naresh Goyal(1993) started Jet Airways

Age 44: Jerry Rao (1998) started Mphasis; Leo Burnett (1925) started Leo Burnett

Age 45 : Marry Kay Ash (1963) started Marry Kay

Age 46 : Capt. Gopinath(1997) started Deccan; Arthur Little(1909) started AD Little

Age 47: Rana Kapur (2004) started Yes Bank; G R Naidu (1985) started Amar Raja

Age 48: Bruce Henderson (1963) started BCG; KP Singh (1979) started DLF

Age 49: Vikram Talwar (1999) started EXL; Graeme Clark (1983) started Cochlear

Age 50: Leo Goodwin (1936) GEICO; Bernard Marcus (1979) started Home Depot

Age 51: Ashok Soota(1999) started Mindtree;Taikichiro(1955) started Mori buildings

Age 52 : Ray Kroc (1954) started Mcdonald; DS Barar (2004) started GVK Bio

Age 53: Barry Diller (1995) started IAC

Age 54: Prannoy Roy (2003) started NDTV

Age 55 : TMA Pai (1953) started Manipal University

Age 56: Anita Crook ( 2005) started Pouchee

Age 57: J Marriott(1957) started Marriott Hotel;J McGraw(1917) started McGraw Hill

Age 58: Orville(1969)started Redenbacher;A Hammer(1956)started Occidental Petro

Age 59 : Barbara Miller (1995) started Miller Papers

Age 60: Jack Fenimore (1983) started Mid Com

Age 61: Carmen Jones (1977) started Kids Corner

Age 62: Col. Sanders(1952) started KFC; Joseph Glidden(1875) started Barb Fence

Age 63: Henry Kaiser (1945) started Kaiser Permanente

Age 64 : Thomas Duck (1977) started Ugly Duck

Age 65: Capt. Krishnan Nair (1988) started Leela Hotels

Age 66 : Jagdish Khattar (2009) started Carnation