WordPress Automatic updates fails or not working – Fix

With WordPress 3.7, the WP team has rolled out WordPress automatic updates. This automatic update feature upgrades your WP installation automatically without any user intervention.

And you don’t have to lift a finger to apply maintenance and security updates. Most sites are now able to automatically apply these updates in the background.

But my WordPress Automatic updates is always failing ?

But some of the WP installations are not so blessed and WordPress automatic updates will fail for them and you will be bombarded with the following message.

This site is not able to apply these updates automatically. But we’ll email you when there is a new security release.

 Fix for you

1. Download your wp-config.php

2. Add the following lines to the bottom of your wp-config.php using any text editor

3. Now replace

YOUR_FTP_USERNAME with your FTP username

YOUR_FTP_PASSWORD with your FTP password

YOUR_FTP_HOST with your FTP host address(like yourdomain.com or IP address like 123.456.789.999)

4. Make sure that you enter the FTP details in between the two single quote(‘) or else it will result in an error.

5. Now upload it back

6. WordPress Automatic update problem solved 🙂

Don’t forget to leave your comment if you need any help or if the above tip fails.

Image Courtesy: Stuart Miles