How to enable Status Bar in Firefox newer versions

After the overhaul of Firefox(from version 4) and in sync with the faster development cycle (à la Google Chrome) Mozilla guys has removed the status bar in Firefox 4 to make make way for more screen space and also to imitate Google Chrome. Lots of existing users may be wondering where the good ol’ Status Bar has gone.

In the new Australis theme(starting from Firefox 29),  the add-on toolbar (including the status-bar) was also removed. The Status Bar removal may have affected the users who are heavy users of Firefox Extensions.

How can I enable the Firefox status bar?

You cannot enable it by default, it’s available on-demand. Read below…

So where is the new status bar?

The new Firefox Status Bar only shows page loading activity and link previews. When neither of those are needed it simply disappears.

Show me my new Status Bar 😕

Firefox Status Bar